The verb parecer and the pronominal form parecerse are often confused. When followed by a noun, parecer describes something's appearance, what it looks/seems like; parecerse a, meanwhile, describes the resemblance or similarity between two things. This distinction isn't always clear at first glance to the untrained eye.

-¿Quién es? -Parece mi madre — -Who is it? -It looks like my mum [Produce esa impresión; tiene ese aspecto; podría serlo]

Se parece a mi madre — She is like/looks like my mum /She's similar to my mum [Es parecida a mi madre]

→→Mi madre y ella se parecen — She and my mum are alike

-Ese pájaro parece una perdiz [Tiene ese aspecto; quizá lo sea]

→Ese pájaro se parece a la perdiz [Es parecido a la perdiz; no lo es]

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