ligar(se) - follar(se) - tirarse

Just like English, Spanish has several ways of referring to romantic/sexual encounters.

Although it might seem straightforward on the face of it, correct use of these verbs can be tricky: they can be used transitively, pronominally, and intransitively.




Ligar(se) is the equivalent of the British English "to pull sb" or American English "to pick sb up". Remember, ligar doesn't necessarily involve any physical contact; it simply means that the person has managed to win someone over in a romantic sense, i.e. they have seduced them.

Ligar: "Conquistar a alguien con fines amorosos o sexuales, generalmente pasajeros".1


In Spain, ligar is normally used intransitively; the preposition con is used for the person being seduced.

-Salen a ligar en Madrid — They go out on the pull / to pick up men/women in Madrid

-Ha ligado — He's pulled / scored [The person being seduced has shown an interest or they have kissed]

-Ha ligado con una chica guapa — He's pulled a hot chick

-Han ligado — The've got together/paired up [Together]

-¿Estás intentando ligarligando conmigo?= — Are you flirting with me/ trying to flirt with me?

Ligar can also be used transitively in the pronominal form. However, if the direct object is first or second person, the pronominal form can't normally be used (??).

-Se ligó a la fea del grupo

Se la ligó


-Te ligaste al guiri

Te lo ligaste


-(Te) me ligaste?? 

Ligaste conmigo


-(Me) te ligué??

Ligué contigo




Follar is similar to ligar in that it can be used intransitively with con or pronominally when the direct object is a third-person; but it can also be used transitively when the object is first- or second-person.

-Van a follar — They're going to screw/shag/fuck

-Hace tiempo que no follo — I haven't fucked/ for some time

-Ha follado con ella — He has shagged/fucked/screwed her

-Juan se folló a una mujer que le llevaba 20 años — Juan fucked a woman 20 years older than him

→Se la folló — He fucked her


-María se folló a su amigo Carlos

Se lo folló


¿Quieres follártela/lo?


-No quiero follarte

-Me follaste bien ayer


-Que te follen/jodan — Go fuck yourself!



Tirarse can only be used pronominally and only with a third-person direct object.

-Se tiró a una compañera de trabajo — He screwed a workmate

Se la tiró

-Me voy a tirar a ese tío

Me lo voy a tirar



Other terms that are commonly used to refer to sexual encounters include:


  • liarse o enrollarse (con): tener relaciones amorosas o sexuales.

-Se han liado/enrollado — They've hooked up/ got together/ made out/ had sex

-Se lió/enrolló con ella — He got involved (romantically) with her

→Tuvo un lío/rollo con ella — He had a thing/fling with her

→→Estuvieron liados/enrollados — They were romantically involved/dating

→→Es un rollete/ligue — He's a bit on the side/a (casual) fling

→→→Fue un ligue/rollo de una noche — He was a one-night stand

→Es un amigo con derecho a roce / un follamigo — He's a friend with benefits / a fuckbuddy


  • entrarle a alguien: entablar conversación con alguien; acercarse a alguien con fines amorosos.

-Anoche un pibón me entró cuando estaba en la barra — Last night a stunner hit on me while I was at the bar

  • coquetear /flirtear (con)

-El hombre no dejaba de coquetear conmigo — The guy wouldn't stop flirting with me

  • poner a alguien (cachondo/a cien)

-Me pones mucho — You really turn me on/make me horny [≈Excitar]

-Esa mujer me pone (cachondo/a cien)


  • tirarle los tejos/trastos (a alguien)

-¿Me estás tirando los tejos? — Are you flirting with me / hitting on me?

  • morrearse (con)

-Estuvieron morreándose toda la noche — They were making out/snogging/getting off with each other all night long

-Me morreé con ella — I got off with her/  I made out with her

  • echar un polvo (a alguien)

-Me echó el polvo de mi vida — It was the best shag I've ever had

-Necesitas que te echen un polvo — You need to get laid

  • comerse una rosca

-No se come una rosca — He doesn't get anywhere with women

  • empotrar a alguien (muy vulgar)

-Te voy a empotrar — I'm going to screw you

  • chingar (México)

-Están chingando — They're screwing

  • mojar(la)

-Hace tiempo que no la moja — He hasn't got laid in a while

  •  ponerle los cuernos (con alguien) / pegársela con alguien

-(A su mujer) le puso los cuernos (con su secretaria) — He cheated on her  / had an affair with his secretary

→(A su mujer)  se la está pegando con su secretaria [Véase locuciones verbales con la/las]


-follar follarse - ligar ligarse-